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We understand the urgency when you or a loved-one is charged with a crime or under suspicion or investigation and every moment counts. That's why, the Law Office of Warren A. Brown, P.A. is always available to clients.

We are a Baltimore City based practice, noted for criminal defense, with a reputation for aggressive advocacy throughout Maryland and in other jurisdictions. The Law Office of Warren A. Brown, P.A. is a results oriented law firm with broad legal experience, seeking - above all else - to zealously defend the rights of our clients and assist them in achieving their objectives in the most successful manner. Our philosophy emphasizes an aggressive approach to litigation and settlement, coupled with a caring response to our clients' needs. We have enthusiastically represented the citizens of Maryland in the areas of criminal defense, traffic, medical malpractice and other legal matters for 30 years.

If you are accused of committing a crime or have been seriously injured due to a medical error or negligence, you need to be thoroughly aware of your rights and defenses. You need attorneys who will represent you in court to your best advantage and provide effective personal service.

The Law Office of Warren A. Brown has repeatedly received the highest validation for its professional skills and high ethical standards.